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Mid 2005 I started a part-time business, Pranged Motorcycle Transport (PMT). This was a direct result of the encouragement I received from both friends and all the strangers I had helped. Since buying my first bike in 1974 I have considered myself a member of the largest family in the world, ‘the motorcycling fraternity’. I have always stopped to assist a stranded ‘brother’ and buying a Holden utility in 2004 for race bike transport increased my ability to help others. In Sep 2008 (GFC) I made that giant leap of faith to full-time self employment after 34 years “working for the man”, and changed the business name to Bike Tow Brisbane.


Using a styleside ute for 3 years that wasn’t big enough, struggling up skinny ramps etc the Commodore’s days were numbered. October 2008 saw the purchase of a BA Falcon 1 tonne tray back ute. A month of design work and another month of construction resulted in a 2m wide x 2.6m long hydraulic tilt tray with a slide out alloy ramp 1.2m wide x 2.5m long. We also have a custom designed trolley attached to a 3700lb Warn winch for anything too heavy or difficult, with cordless remote control. My loading system has been piroted & duplicated in part, but never bettered. Those who seek economical gain from others ingenuity, usually fail to understand the true concept of engineering wisdom.

Sept 2012 I bought my first brand new car ever. An FGII Falcon EcoLPI ute. No more trips to Birdsville but SE QLD is well covered.


Bike Tow Brisbane is committed to customer service. We are able to carry 2 bikes and 2 people (3 seater ute). Being on call 24/7 but averaging only a few jobs a day, chances are we will be available immediately.

PRE-BOOKINGS For your convenience.

1. Is your bike stranded at home or work with a flat tyre or electrical gremlins? Is your schedule too tight? Phone me and I’ll work out an excellent plan for your convenience and peace of mind.

2. REGULAR SERVICING Don’t hassle the misses or chase buses and trains when your next service is due. We can meet you at your daily destination, transport the bike to your preferred mechanic, and then return it in-time for the ride home. DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE if you arrange this service in conjunction with another motorcyclist.

3. When you decide to stay for a FEW MORE DRINKS. Our standard flat rate fee is more economical than a tariff 3 return cab fare of 13km. The BONUS is your bike will be safe at home tonight, you travel for free.


If your club or large group of friends would like the security of a back up vehicle for your next social ride, we would love to be of service. For details Ph 0400 816 885.